Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poem Lenten Penance~ A Lament

Last Portrait This photo was taken in late January 2009 just weeks before Bella's death. I think its shows how beautiful she was and the brimming intellegence in her eyes. I miss her so much

Lenten Penance~ A Lament

I woke with a start
My Heart
My Beautiful Grace
In a strange place
Looking to bring you out of your bed
Into the day…

But here it is, Ash Wednesday
And you left this world but yesterday
In the midst of Mardi Gras

Today, I am traveling
In the company of strangers
Doing business that is not my own
Dreaming of you,
While sleeping in a kind stranger’s bed

I listen for you still
Even in this unfamiliar place
Longing to hear your tiny calling for me
Never pushing or willful
A still small voice of yearning and love for me
In the quiet hours

My tears are for your suffering
And for the losses of my lifetime
Even as I gave you up to God
My heart said…

“No, No! Not fair!, My loss is already so great
In this season of my life!”

But as hands…Strong and gentle
Tending you in a futile effort
Greater Hands than mine
Were lifting you to a Better Place

You looked at us with trust and love
As your life ebbed slowly away
You kissed each of us goodbye
And spent
Your last breath
In the safety of the bed
You always loved

I shall never forget you
Firstborn of this new heart of mine
My fast this Lent
Shall be of your presence

I need no greater penance than this
Annabelle in her favorite Yellow Flower Dec 2008
The Graduate Annabelle all dressed up for her graduation day from obedience class August 2008
Fall Beauty Annabelle at five months
Sweet Baby Annabelle after her first trip to the Groomer Sept 2007

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sweet wise baby, Annabelle at 7 weeks taken at Pamela's Shih Tzu Heaven Mc Curtain OK July 2007